Here you can join a team your captain has created, order optional goodies, register for the Seneca-7 solo winter challenge, and make a donation to our charity partners. Be sure to provide your shipping address and add shipping if you order a Goody Pack and can't pick it up locally (in Geneva).

  • Join a Team

    Select this option to officially join your team for the virtual race. Provide your team name and (if you know it) your captain's confirmation number below.


  • The Seneca-7

    A solo challenge to complete as many legs of the Seneca7 as you can from Nov. 1 - Feb. 28. Find more info here.


  • Goody Pack

    Seneca7 running socks and gloves to keep you warm on your runs!


  • Shipping

    Choose this if you'd like us to mail your Goody Pack. Otherwise we'll contact you to arrange local pickup.


  • Charity Donation

    Every year, the Seneca7 partners with over 20 local agencies to support their service to the greater Geneva community. Although COVID has altered our 2021 plans, their needs have only increased. If you are so inclined to donate, we will distribute the funds across these groups.

    $7.00 each


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